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Consultant cholera WASH for West africa

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Expiration 09 Fevrier 2023
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Consultant cholera wash for west africa – (2300569)
• Contractual Arrangement: External consultant
• Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days): 3 months
• Closing Date: Jan 31, 2023, 10:59:00 PM
• Organization: AF/EPR Emergency Preparedness and Response
• Schedule: Full-time

Background and context
Cholera unit is part of the emergency preparedness program (EMP) of the emergency preparedness and response (EPR) cluster of WHO AFRO. The unit is contributing to the strategy 2 of the GPW 13 of WHO as well as to the universal health coverage and the better health and wellbeing of populations. The work of cholera prevention, control and elimination is critical for the achievement of the sustainable development goals. The general objective of the cholera unit is to contribute to the elimination of the cholera in the region by 2030 as stated by “the global roadmap: ending cholera by 2030” as well by the regional framework for the implementation of the global strategy for cholera elimination by 2030 endorsed by Member States in August 2018 in Dakar, Senegal.

Cholera remains one of the major public health events in the WHO African Region. The burden of the disease is still the highest, with an average of 12 countries affected by cholera each year. In 2021, West Africa experienced an unprecedented high burden cholera outbreak that affected seven countries and spread to other countries. The case fatality ratio of the disease was high. The cholera main predisposing factors are known, with as leading factors the insufficient access to safe water and adequate sanitation, high-risk hygiene and social practices. The persistence and recurrence of cholera in West Africa subregion reflects also gaps in multisectoral collaboration, gaps in health system capacities and in funding of WaSH and other interventions. In order to improve WaSH interventions for cholera prevention and elimination in West Africa, the WHO AFRO EPR cluster and the CDC of Atlanta are implementing a cholera WaSH project aiming to contribute to the elimination of cholera by 2030 and reducing the mortality and morbidity during cholera outbreaks in the Africa Region.

In line with global and regional frameworks, the incumbent will provide technical expertise to Dakar Hub and West Africa countries in planning, monitoring, evaluating, coordinating cholera WaSH interventions with a focus on provision of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, hygiene, and infection control (with focus on safe and dignified burial of contagious bodies, medical waste management). During and prior to cholera outbreaks, the incumbent will therefore provide technical advice and on-site support to develop national technical and institutional capacities for the implementation of primary prevention interventions, particularly those related to safety of drinking water, safe sanitation, waste management, and chemical management.

Under the supervision of the cholera focal expert of EPR Dakar Hub, the overall guidance of the Dakar EPR Hub coordinator, the Emergency Preparedness program manager and WHO RED and working closely with counterparts at the respective regional office, HQ, other WHO staff and partners, the incumbent acts as the specialist for the assessment of the national water, sanitation and hygiene situation whenever cholera is the disease of concern. This involves ongoing contacts with a broad range of WHO staff and responders as well as a broad range of official from the Ministries of Health (MOH), to provide expertise and authoritative advice on priority actions to be taken and contribute to designing and implementing water and sanitation plans of action pertaining to the EMP cholera unit.

Scope of work and deliverables
The incumbent will:
• Conduct emergency rapid assessment of selected West Africa countries capacities for cholera WASH (water, hygiene, sanitation, waste management), infection control inventory and needs in cholera hotspots and health facilities
• Assess cholera WaSH training needs, coordinate the development of training materials on cholera WaSH
• Coordinate training of multisectoral stakeholders on cholera WaSH in cholera hotspots and at regional and national levels to build up local competences and facilitate the compliance with the WASH standards within the affected areas.
• Coordinate procurement and provision of key cholera WaSH logistics to targeted countries
• Coordinate the organization of water quality monitoring in selected cholera hotspots and counties and monitor progress of water quality improvement
• Follow up and report country progress on WASH activities within the health facilities and for health activities in the context of the cholera elimination; identify gaps and propose remedial actions.
• Provide technical expertise, and when required, onsite support to the health partners on WASH, coordinating and proactively participate in the design and implementation of plans to build up or rehabilitate emergency health facilities.
• Provide onsite support to ensure applicability and appropriate implementation of the recommended infection control activities in the health facilities and for the health activities supported by WHO.
• Ensure that WASH, vector control and infection control set up in the health facilities and for health activities are conducted and set according to WHO and Sphere standards.
• Secure water, hygiene, sanitation and infection control for health activities within the WASH cluster, providing implementation guidance.
• Draft required evaluation or situation reports to ensure appropriated communication with OSL lead and all related technical experts.
• Coordinate and conduct an adequate WASH cholera response during cholera outbreaks in synchronization with the other pillars of the strategy (OCV, surveillance, laboratory…)
• Perform any other related incident-specific duties, as required by the functional supervisor.

The key deliverables are:
• A monthly report detailing the various activities conducted each month in support to Member States is prepared.
• A final report upon completion of the overall assignment
• A WASH preparedness and response guide for Member States
• A WASH cholera capacity building plan and reports for the most at-risk countries to cholera
• A WASH assessment template is developed and availed to Member States

Qualifications, experience, skills and languages
Educational Qualifications
First University Degree in Public Health, Environmental Health, Engineering Science or equivalent

Professional Expertise and key skills
• Minimum of 5 years experience at the national and international levels, in the design and implementation of water and sanitation assessment and/or the design and management of related projects in emergency situations and cholera in particular.
• Experience in Health emergencies and in developing and promoting collaborative actions with national authorities.
• Minimum of 2 years experience in building capacity of technical staff and cross-sectoral partnerships, including among UN agencies and international institutions
• Strong writing skills in the preparation of technical and scientific reports, project briefs, peer-reviewed publications, etc.

Some experience or a sound knowledge of WHO mandate and goals or in UN organizations/agencies, international institutions, health cluster partners, recognized humanitarian organizations or NGOs.

Language Skills
Excellent written and spoken French with working knowledge in English.
Technical Supervision
Dr. Vincent Sodjinou, WHO AFRO Cholera focal expert

Please specify where the consultant will work:
On site: Dakar (Senegal), WHO-AFRO Dakar EPR Hub
Travel – If travel is involved, full medical clearance is required
The Consultant is expected to travel in accommodating all Covid-19 preventive measures as recommended.

Travels to be determined.
All travel arrangements will be made by WHO – WHO will not be responsible for tickets purchased by the Consultant without the express, prior authorization of WHO. While on mission under the terms of this consultancy, the Consultant will receive subsistence allowance in line with the instructions applicable locally, or up to the maximum of the UN DSA.

The Consultant shall apply for a UN Certificate prior to travelling.
Visas requirements: it is the Consultant’s responsibility to fulfil visa requirements and ask for visa support letter(s) if needed.

Remuneration and budget (travel costs excluded)
Rate [daily or monthly or for language and publishing services by word count or number of pages]:
Currency: USD
USD 7,000 per month.
A living expense is payable to on-site consultants who are internationally recruite

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