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Business Development Service Specialists

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Expiration 17 Aout 2022
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TechnoServe hiring Business Development Service Specialists.

Position Description:
Reporting to the Senior Business Development Specialist, the Business Development Specialist (BDS) will support producer organizations and Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) with the objective to assist them to achieve improved performance and become more commercially viable. S/he will collaborate with other team members in-country and across the project, to ensure coordinated and impactful implementation

Responsibilities Include:
• Support commercial assessment of producer networks, input providers, and other MSMEs to identify constraints preventing these groups from becoming commercially viable.
• Support mapping of BDS service providers in the zones of influence, segment service provision based on assessment findings, and assess BSD capacity for growth and evolution.
• Facilitate matchmaking between BDS providers and MSMEs to support improved business performance of producer networks, input providers, and other MSMEs.
• Assist producer organizations and other MSMEs to effectively assess and choose BDS providers.
• Linking into TechnoServe’s global practice for supporting SMEs, provide TA/mentorship to BDS providers to increase the entrepreneurial, managerial, and technical skills of MSMEs.

Required Skills and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field including Business Management, International Development, Agriculture and/or Agricultural Economics (Master’s degree preferred)
• 3 years’ experience in projects relating to either agribusiness, marketing, business development or advisory services.
• Track record of building and managing strong client and stakeholder relationships with private, public sector and government.
• Management consultancy, business advisory services or experience managing local consultants/BDS providers
• Ability to anticipate demand, manage multiple tasks/projects and meet tight deadlines.
• Exceptionally strong project management and analytical skills, as evidenced by leading roles on successful initiatives of significant scale.
• Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills and good computer skills in business software (Excel, MS Project and PowerPoint).
• Fluency in English. Knowledge of French and Wolof will be an added advantage

We are hiring for positions, one in Saint Louis and one in Kolda.

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