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Senior Advocacy Officer

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Niyel is hiring a Senior Advocacy Officer.

Start Date: Immediately
Reports to: Director of Programs
Location: Dakar, Senegal or remote
We are currently looking for Senior Advocacy Officers. You must be able to develop and support the implementation of highly effective strategies for a range of clients, lead and build the capacity of a group of driven, bright, diverse, and talented campaigners and communicators, and provide leadership in delivering the Niyel strategic plan. You must have proven experience in advocacy and campaigns across different issues, as well as different political and cultural contexts.

Who are we?
Niyel is an international firm specializing in campaigns, advocacy, political influence, and public affairs, based in Dakar since 2008 with offices in Kigali and Port Louis. Its interventions cover all human rights issues and aim to ensure the respect, protection, and fulfillment of human rights. We work to promote public policies conducive to the development of all and to influence practices to ensure that as citizens, individuals, and communities, we understand and defend our own rights while respecting those of others and assuming fully our responsibilities.

In a nutshell, we are a diverse and dynamic team that provides innovative and creative advocacy and campaign strategies to support communities and organizations in their fight for social justice.

Background :
Today Niyel has :
2 offices in Africa: 1 in West Africa and 1 in East Africa
A diverse and dynamic team from around the world
Over 40 projects were carried out to influence policies and practices.
An experience in over 35 countries worldwide
Experience on a variety of themes such as health, sanitation, migration, environment, education, agriculture, nutrition, citizen participation, political campaigns, etc.
A collaboration and a relationship built with hundreds of development organizations, governments of civil society as well as political and cultural actors.

Proven experience in :
Research and analysis of situations and issues
The development of advocacy strategies and
The planning, implementation, and evaluation of campaigns.
Your main responsibilities will include:

Advocacy :
Lead strategic planning, help national and international organizations develop road maps for impact.
Provide strategic counsel to leading nonprofits, corporations, and associations on a range of public affairs issues.
Lead innovative programs and positioning campaigns for organizations looking to strengthen their identities, increase their profiles and improve the public good.
Develop advocacy materials and train partners to translate data into powerful messages
Provide wide-ranging advocacy support for a range of clients and initiatives
Research, Analysis, and Report Writing

Lead the data collection and analysis of content to inform policy influencing strategies and projects
Coordinate and produce reports as well as updates on projects
Research and develop written materials for Niyel and partners
Work with relevant partners to develop position papers and advocacy strategy
Maintain up-to-date information on political and advocacy developments on the continent as well as international governments and organizations’ respective positions to those developments
Work with other advocacy and campaigns officers to research relevant information for campaigns and contribute to strategic planning and messaging

Communication :
Lead in the development and planning of strategic communication plans for specific projects.
Build long-term relationships with influencers and key stakeholders
Adhere to the company’s style guide, ensuring that we produce a high-quality and error-free copy.
Contribute to the production of highlights, website content, and other written materials as needed
Coordinate the proofreading and editing of documents in French and English as required
Translate Niyel advocacy initiative into powerful advertising and marketing outputs and activities
Researching, preparing fact-checking, editing, and producing professional media and communications materials for various audiences and ensuring their timely dissemination and amplification
Take the lead in organizing media outreach; arranges all media contacts, press briefings, and interviews; provides talking points and other materials as needed; responds to media inquiries quickly and effectively.
Build partnership with strong national media voices and develop and implement a roadmap of activities

Capacity Building :
Lead in the development and put in place a strategic and integrated capacity building plan for Niyel and partner organizations and movements, consulting colleagues, other NGOS, and other actors to apply a common understanding, principles, and good practice
Compile and update high-quality resources for capacity building within and outside Niyel
Set up and maintain a coordination system to achieve the best use of capacity building resources within and outside Niyel
Identify, develop and promote tools and guidelines for capacity building that help us mobilize people to achieve the greatest possible impact, promote growth in people, and help expand activism and diversity
Contribute to the development of capacity building standards and best practice, in Advocacy, Campaigns, and Communication and recommend how to spread good practice to ensure Niyel is a leader in change management and organizational development
Initiate, develop and coordinate capacity-building projects and advice and help others to achieve similar projects. Launch and carry out capacity building learning projects to strengthen our capacity building supportability
Keep abreast of developments in capacity building practice and recommend enhancements to Niyel’s efficiency and effectiveness
Share results and experiences of the Capacity Building Programme with colleagues

Knowledge management :
Work with the teams to develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks
Monitor project progress and develop lessons
Identify learning opportunities and work with colleagues to develop assessments and reports of internal and external projects.
Work with the creative team to map out and deliver on research and learning outputs
Work with the creative team to translate the learning outputs into publishable content
Support the dissemination of policy work

Position Requirements :
As a prerequisite, the Senior Advocacy Officer must believe in the core values of Niyel – Innovation, Accountability, Ethics, Positive Work Environment and be driven by the mission. The candidate should demonstrate a passion for breaking new ground to lead social change.

Key Qualifications :
At least 5 years of post-qualification experience leading advocacy initiatives in a policy advocacy or governmental institution, four of which must be at a management level.

Skills and Experience :
Fluency in oral and written English and French is required
Understanding of development issues and contexts
Experienced in strategy development and implementation of projects
Project management experience
Solid research and analytical skills especially in public policy (qualitative data collection and analysis – while quantitative research skills would be an asset)
Ability to rapidly analyze and integrate diverse information from several different sources
Ability to deliver oral presentations to various audiences
Ability to produce a variety of written and visual communication products in clear and concise style
Well versed in Social Media communication
Proven experience of capacity building and learning theory
Ability to find and mobilize resources to support our capacity building work
Ability to develop suitable materials for capacity building.
Experienced in events planning and organizing
Knowledgeable in public relations

Personal traits :
Holds a high interest for Capacity Building, Advocacy, Public Policy, Public Affairs, Communications, Public Relations, and Research
Self-accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, and achieving impact
Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, flexible, and innovative approach to operational management.
Thinks strategically and on a global scale
Passion, humility, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed.
Remain focused in the face of pressure, delivers against timelines, not intimidated by tasks/time/budget limitations
Approachable, good listener, easy to talk to
Values diversity, sees it as a source of competitive strength
Work well within a team and comfortable in social and culturally diverse environments

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