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Data Analyst

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Expiration 05 Décembre 2022
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Position Summary :
Responsible for developing efficient and accurate data collection systems that include efficient processes for collecting data and ensuring data quality. This includes timely data analysis, reporting, and dissemination, building capacity of M&E and technical staff in these areas, and ensuring compliance.

Essential duties and responsibilities :
With support and guidance from AGILE, manages the MIS of the program
Completes initial MIS Administration and Data Analysis training and assumes full control of the MIS and M&E systems.
Ensures compliance with data quality standards and maintains a fully auditable data trail for all M&E indicator figures that are reported.
Leads the design and integration of additional tools and applications into the project MIS framework as requested by management and technical staff.
Manages project MIS architecture, navigation and permission levels of project staff, modifying the MIS as necessary to accommodate changing needs and ensure full compliance with data requirements as stated by the M&E plan.
Determines local operating instructions and user guidelines on data capture, validation and entry into the MIS.
Generates data visualization and analysis using business intelligence applications (data modelling, visualization and mapping) to support reporting requirements and real-time monitoring of implementation.
Monitors staff responsible for data collection and ensures timely entry into the MIS.
Explores additional unique or innovative knowledge and information applications and technologies that will improve the efficacy and efficiency of project operations and information management.
Enforces policy on data capture, entry and timeliness among project staff.
Design data capture forms to be used by colleagues to collect information on project activities which are fully compatible with the electronic forms in the MIS.
Ensures that all M&E data is fully uploaded, integrated and traceable through the MIS, including baseline survey data, routine registration and output monitoring, annual outcome surveys and end-of-project impact surveys.
With support and guidance from AGILE, manages data analysis and business intelligence for the project
Builds data queries and data connections to maximize visibility, accessibility and aggregation of raw project data.
Models data to create dynamic visual dashboards, including charts with drill-down capacity, maps, matrices, and data filters.
Interprets data visualizations and analyses to identify strong and weak points in project implementation in order to provide data-driven recommendations to improve project implementation.
Responds to ad hoc requests from HO, project managers and technical colleagues to generate customized analyses, visual reports and maps.
Presents data visualizations to communicate project status to managers and technical colleagues
Provides visual reports and analyses for project communications materials, reports and presentations.
Responsible for MIS technical support and troubleshooting for the project
Provides technical and troubleshooting support to all MIS users at project level.
Refers more complex technical MIS problems to the AGILE MERL Community of Practice and AGILE, collaborating in the implementation of solutions.
Works with project IT Specialist if any to ensure MIS users have maximum accessibility, including up-to-date maintenance on laptops, all necessary software and sufficient Internet connectivity.
Advises IT and project managers on alternative means to augment connectivity for MIS users in areas where it is less reliable.
Provides feedback to AGILE on best practices and recommendations for improvement in MIS functionality and data management procedures.
Leads the work of assigned group data-entry support staff
Allocates and coordinates the flow of work of data-entry staff.
Trains and guides data-entry staff.
Advises project managers on requirements and timing for additional data-entry support.
Checks data entry for accuracy and timeliness, and data is provided and analyzed in time to meet reporting schedules.
Makes suggestions to improve data operations and implements changes as approved.
Undertakes all other duties including backup and recovery of MIS system (if need be). and projects as may be assigned from time to time.

Qualifications and background :
Education :
Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer science, economics, statistics, social sciences, or related field.

Experience :
Minimum of five years of experience with data management and analysis responsibilities, preferably in international development projects, particularly donor-funded projects

Knowledge, skills, and abilities :
Thorough knowledge of M&E methodology, including quantitative and qualitative research methods, tools and techniques.
Ability to perform and interpret statistical analysis using statistical software packages.
Demonstrated abilities in data collection, analysis and reporting using computer-based packages and databases.
Advanced computer skills in a Windows based environment, including the Microsoft Office Suite including knowledge of SharePoint and preferably SQL Azure databases. Ability to design and manage relational databases, mobile data collection, and preferably to use Power BI.
Strong written communications and presentation skills, particularly the ability to synthesize large quantities of information into clear and concise narratives and visual formats.
Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills.
Strong analytical skills, including the ability to organize a variety of information into standardized structures, clearly interpret quantitative and visual data outputs and develop recommendations for action.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a multi-cultural environment.
Demonstrated ability to work effectively, both independently and in a team environment.

Other :
Ability to travel within the country.
Fluency in French.

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