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Business Support officer

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Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 28 Janvier 2021
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Dakar / WARO

Internal relations:

Regional office, CaLP Business Support Team, AAH US, ACF Spain, ACF West Africa Regional Office (WARO)

External relations:

Partners at country level, suppliers, auditors

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3 months

Budget allocation and %:



CaLP West Africa Regional Representative

Functional relation

ACF WAROAdmin and Fin Officer

CaLP Business Support Manager


The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) is a network of humanitarian organizations working on cash transfers programming (CTP). It is composed of more than 80 organizations and experts; representatives of the private sector, governments, UN agencies, NGOs and international financial and telecommunications institutions.

The CaLP mission is to radically increase the scale and quality of cash transfers as a modality of humanitarian assistance. CaLP encourages its’ members to collectively contribute to the global framework for action to move forward with the cash agenda at all levels. CaLP also provides support to it’s’ members, based on best practices. The work of the CaLP Secretariat is summarized in four strategic objectives:
1. Capacity building : it is a crucial element in the preparation for the implementation of CTP, and for the improvement of the scope and quality of CTP;
2. Knowledge management and research to develop evidence about CTP and make them easily accessible;
3. Coordination by providing specialized support to dedicated bodies;
4. Advocacy and influencing to ensure that policy decisions advance cash transfers and the global framework for action.

To ensure the roll-out of this strategy, CaLP works through different regional offices. The Regional team for West Africa is sitting in Dakar, Senegal, and is hosted by Action Against Hunger. As a hosted team within a consortium, CaLP works through different systems and engage in different set of procedures, which makes it a complex environment to work in. Flexibility is a necessary skill to navigate those ways of working, while putting compliance and accountability first.

With the development of activities and CaLP’s increasing membership, the regional team is expanding (from 3 staff members to 5 in the coming months). Communication and administrative / finance functions that were previously combined are now split. Thus, this advert aims at identifying a great profile, an experienced individual, to take over this newly created role and be in charge of the administrative, finance and accounting work, allowing a smooth roll-out of regional work.

The position is based in Dakar, Senegal, in close links with colleagues sitting in offices in ACF WARO office, CaLP team in Oxford and Action Against Hunger in New-York.
This position may imply punctual travel.

General objectives for this position are:

Regional work:
- To assure financial transparency and the optimized management of the financial resources of the regional office, fulfilling at all time with ACF internal procedures.
- Issue BFUs and financial reports to be submitted for review tothe Regional Representative immediately after closing of accountancy.
- Work with ACF WARO to consolidate and issuequarterly financial reports to be sent to ACF US.
- Follow up on the BFUs and relocate the costs according to the feedback from the Regional Representativeand WARO Finance coordinator on due date and provide electronic backup to AAH US and ACF Spain.
- Formulate the Treasury Request to ACF WARO, with the support from the rest of CaLP regional team by the 25th of each month (Thursday of the 3rd week of each month)
- Support HQ-based colleagues in audits
- Lead the procurement processes upon demand from the regional team, and select suppliers upon validation from budget holder and in compliance with ACF procedures, as requested by activity plan
- Lead the administrative organization of activities at regional and country levels, working closely with the rest of the regional team
- Coordinate regional translations in French by liaising with technical teams and translators

Global work:
- Manage the allocations of the expenditure to the unique CaLP codes, ensuring the submission of WAF related financial information to the CaLP management accounts
- Support CaLP Financial accountant in development and review of the management accounts
- Support development of the coherent financial management reports and systems to comply with ACF and donor requirements as well as with CaLP organisational and management reports
- Support other divisions of CaLP if necessary
- Lead and coordinate budget developments and costing calculations for WCAF CaLP and other ACF US grants


3.1 Competencies

In this space, you must choose the skills and competencies that you consider key for the position. "Key" competencies are those considered as priorities for doing the work

BASIC SKILLS: There are two cross-curricular or core competencies that all positions must have: MOTIVATION AND TEAMWORK



Required: You must choose 6 other skills required for the position.

Choose 6

Choose 2 of the 8 required basic skills

Key: in these 8, choose the 2 priority basic skills and indicate in column « Key »







Effective Communication



Organization and Planning



Problems solving



Adaptability and Flexibility



Resistance to tension



Work by Objective



Innovation and Creativity






Inspiring Leadership


Strategic Vision



Analytical capacity







Technical specific knowledge:

o  Higher education in management, finances or any related field.

o  Knowledge of ACF desirable (organization, mandate, strategy, procedures).

o    Rigor and organization and planning skills

o    Diplomacy, negotiation skills

o    Team spirit

o    Works autonomously with a strong sense of accountability

Previous experience (years):

o  5 years previous experience in financial management and a previous experience in the humanitarian sector.

o  Experience in financial reporting, accounting in an NGO, financial project follow up and audit reports.

o  Desirable experience in organizing events

Humanitarian sector knowledge:


Demonstrated capacity to work in multicultural environments.

Good communication skills.

Proved team-work experience

Previous experience with an INGO

Strong sense of accountability, transparency and compliance

Desirable: International experience and experience in working within wide-spread teams

Organization knowledge:



French, English spoken and written required

IT systems:


MS Office very strong command. Advanced level of Excel.

Mobility (national/ international)



-Capacity to organize, prioritize and plan
-High analytical capacity
-Experience in financial management and audit
-Excel command



Support the implementation of CaLP's regional and global strategy by ensuring the financial and administrative management of the regional office under the direct supervision of the CaLP Regional Representative and WARO Admin and Finance officer’s technical supervision for accounting and finance, in line with ACF rules and procedures.

Objective 1: Accounting
- Check contracts and supporting documentation to ensure their compliance to ACF, Senegal state requirements (payment modalities, tax obligations, etc.), and donors’ requirements
- Check partners backing documentation, making sure that it is in line with signed contract / MoU.
- Ensure that the purchase order forms are properly filled in with correct budget codes, and that they are properly recorded and followed up until payment.
- Check and ensure the invoice eligibility with respect to donor requirements.
- Review expenditures coming from ACF WARO and ACF Spain, and revise accounting codes and coherence with budget lines with support of Regional Representative and AAH Finance Coordinator where needed
- Compile expenditures coming from ACF WARO, ACF Spain and CaLP regional team in the accounting system on a monthly basis to facilitate proper budget follow-up and project management
- Support in the preparation of audits
- Support all CaLP team in ensuring the proper application and adherence to donor rules and regulations
- Ensure appropriate filing of all backing documentation related to activities for audit purpose
- Ensure appropriate use of budget codes based on the conversion table, upon training from ACF WARO Finance coordinator.

Objective 2: Finance
- Consolidation of BFU based on expenditures info submitted by WARO (on running costs and HR) and CaLP expenditures upon accounting closure on a monthly basis
- Making expenses and Budget forecast in close coordination with the regional team
- Analyse possible under and over expenditures, working with the Regional representative to identify possible solutions
- Report any discrepancies, problems to the Regional Representative.
- Develop financial quarterly reports, to be validated by the Regional Representative and submitted to ACF WARO, cc ACF US, CaLP HQ
- Participate in proposal developing regarding the budget and other financial templated requested.
- Upon request, support AAH in the consolidation of financial reports to donors
- Be able to give accurate answer on budgetary questions (Budget lines, Balance, extension…)

Support to Global CaLP’s finance work:

- Manage the allocations of the expenditure to the unique CaLP codes, ensuring the submission of WAF related financial information to the CaLP management accounts
- Support CaLP Financial accountant in development and review of the management accounts
- Support development of the coherent financial management reports and systems to comply with ACF and donor requirements as well as with CaLP organisational and management reports
- Support other divisions of CaLP if necessary, support other ACF US grants of CaLP (NAm CaLP)
- Lead and coordinate budget developments and costing calculations for WAF CaLP and other ACF US grants

Objective 3: Other Responsibilities
• Respect of ACF Charter and internal rule
• Attend internal and external coordination meetings (if required)
• Ensure smooth and efficient communication with other departments at the regional and HQ level, and with partners and suppliers
• Support visa processes for travels and book travels for the regional team
• Manage assets
• Coordinate translations by collecting appropriate resources from the team and liaise with translators, according to the activity plan. Specifically, follow up on deadlines and ensure that all documents and resources submitted are completely translated before proofreading starts.
• Based on technical requirements from the regional team, lead the procurement processes in line with ACF WARO procurement rules and templates and donor’ requirements, to ensure timely delivery according to the activity plan
• Collect quotes, identify suppliers and contract suppliers upon validation from the Regional Representative, in line with ACF and donors’ requirements

Note that this job description must remain flexible, to respond to additional tasks or changes as identified by the line management.


• ISP ACF (International Strategic Plan).
• Charter of values and principles
• Code of Ethics and Ethics Committee
• Gender Policy
• Child protection policy
• Transparency policy
• CaLP Global strategy
• CaLP Regional Strategy

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