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Response Programmes Strategy & Development Director

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Localisation Bamako / Mali
Expiration 30 Avril 2021

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Country location to be determined based on response.
Please submit your CV in English.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian, development and advocacy organisation devoted to improving the lives of children, families and their communities around the world. Our 34,000+ staff members working in nearly 100 countries are united in helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.
When disaster strikes, we are on the ground, quickly providing immediate support and we stay helping to rebuild lives for children, families, and communities.
World Vision’s Emergency Response Roster is comprised of highly experienced and vetted humanitarian aid professionals available for short term, medium term, and long term emergency response assignments with World Vision.
All Roster position will be Non-Family/Unaccompanied postings lasting 3-12 months.
As vacancies arise in our humanitarian offices, roster members will be considered for employment opportunities.

We are currently accepting applications to join the Emergency Response Roster and are seeking candidates for:
Response Director
Response Operations Director
Response Programmes Strategy & Development Director

5+ years Leadership experience in a Humanitarian/Fragile/Emergency context
Minimum 2 years of cross cultural humanitarian emergency experience outside of your home country.
Experience directly managing staff during humanitarian emergency responses.
Ability to work long hours in stressful environments with a variety of skilled professionals.
Demonstrated management of budgets in emergency response settings.
Willing to serve unaccompanied (non-family); most likely living in a team house setting.
English proficiency, written and verbal. (French/Arabic/Spanish preferred)
Grant Acquisition and Management experience
Strong track record in developing good working relationships with governmental institutions and multilateral agencies.

The Response Programmes Director oversees/leads the Sector Programming Team, including Program Officer(s), Design Monitor Evaluation (DME), Humanitarian Accountability and Information Management.
The Programme Director supports the Response Director (RD) and Operations Director (OD) in designing the response strategy and operations plan and works in close coordination with both.
The Response Programmes Director is responsible to manage grant acquisition, assessments, monitor and humanitarian accountability and liaises with Support Offices (SOs), and international donors.
Response Programmes Director is part of the Response Senior Leadership Team.
Response Programmes Director will coordinate/advise with Response Director (RD)/Senior Leadership Team (SLT) go or no go for proposals.

Establish, lead, resource and staff the programmes unit to meet response needs:
Lead team/individual development and provide direction and support as needed to enable effective performance.
Contribute to National Office (NO) capacity building in the area of emergency response in coordination with NO leadership and Human Resources (HR).
Determine Programmes organisational structure and staffing plan with HR.
Work with HR to recruit and deploy Programmes staff and plan for capacity development.
Ensure Programmes staff handovers are conducted.
Develop Programmes budget in coordination with Finance.
Support RD and Finance in developing Response Budget, ensuring strong alignment and coordination with Operations team during budgeting and budget management process.
Plan for Programmes Unit transition/integration with NO, where applicable.

Lead the programme planning process to ensure alignment with context, humanitarian needs, response strategy as well as operational feasibility and technical quality:
Support development of operational intent plan to align with funding allocations ensuring operational feasibility and technical quality.
Support Sectors and Operations Director to draft response plan.
Work with Grants, Acquisition and Management (GAM) to coordinate grant acquisition.
Write Operational Intent inclusive of targets.
Prepare project RACIs (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) for new grants.

Oversee donor liaison and advocacy is undertaken to resource operations plan to address humanitarian needs:
The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the GAM team undertake the following activities:
Monitor and analyse donor opportunities to ensure they align with operational intent.
Communicate humanitarian needs identified through assessments, monitoring data and community feedback to in-country donors and Support Offices International Programmes Groups.
Represent World Vision with potential donors (ECHO, DFID, EU, OFDA, etc.) including bilateral, multilateral and corporate.
Collaborate with Advocacy to influence donor funding strategies when appropriate.
Liaises with SOs regarding donor priorities and opportunities for funding.
Support Finance in the allocation and tracking of response funding to ensure response strategic priorities are funded and effective leveraging of available funding:

The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the Programme team undertake the following activities:
Support mapping of all funding sources with Finance.
Support funding allocation process (Private Non Sponsorship & grant opportunities) in coordination with Finance, Response Director and Operations to reflect response strategic priorities, operational realities and ensure compliance with relevant funding regulations.
Support Finance to track donor funding allocation and commitments to ensure response strategic priorities are funded.

Oversee development and submission of project proposals to donors to resource operations plan:
The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the GAM team undertake the following activities:
Develop project proposals with Operations, Advocacy, Finance and relevant Support functions and ensure stakeholders have the opportunity to review proposals and raise issues prior to submission to donors.
Ensure proposals are aligned with the operational plan, sector DADDs and standards.
Ensure proposals are aligned with accountability standards and basic DME requirements.
Maintain donor and SOs communications to facilitate funding acquisition.
Support Finance to ensure an up-to-date funding matrix.

Ensure support for Finance to establish grant management system to guarantee fulfillment of donor requirements:
The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the GAM team undertake the following activities:
Support Finance to conduct grant orientation or grant start-up workshops for relevant staff.
Plan and manage donor reporting to ensure that all donor requirements are met.
Support Finance with monitoring of grants for compliance with grant requirements.
Oversee planning, implementation, analysis and sharing of findings from assessments and program monitoring.

The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the DME team undertake the following activities:
Plan the initial rapid assessment process and manage the data collection (including primary, secondary data, observational data and community feedback)
Manage or support ongoing community based assessments as agreed with sector and sub-function leads.
Incorporate baseline indicators into assessments.
Analyse assessment data and provide recommendations for strategy and programme design.
Map interagency assessment processes and participate in joint assessments as agreed with response management.

Design programme based on response strategy, context and humanitarian needs:
Review NO Strategy, context analysis and assessment findings for design recommendations.
Facilitate the input of all Emergency Management System (EMS) functions into the programme design process.
Ensure the overall programme design incorporates international humanitarian standards and WV guidance and standards and indicators (i.e. Sphere, DADDs, CWBOs, PAF, etc).

Oversee implementation of the programme monitoring system:
The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the DME team undertake the following activities:
Develop and implement the programme monitoring system which integrates programme and project requirements.
Prepare Indicator Tracking Table (ITT) monitoring reports and share with Operations on a monthly basis.
Collaborate with Information Management and Humanitarian Accountability (HA) to provide summaries of community based data and share with Operations and management to support programme adaptation and improvement.
Ensure implementation of baselines, evaluations, reviews and learning events for continuous improvement:

The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the DME and HA teams undertake the following activities:
Conduct real time evaluation (RTE) during the first phase of the response.
Plan and implement real time learning event (RTLE) with Region and H-LEARN and monitor implementation of resulting plan of action.
Plan and manage project/programme baselines, evaluations and reviews to meet donor and organizational requirements.
Communicate baseline, evaluation and review findings with response staff and communities.
Develop Plans of Action that address evaluation, review recommendations and monitor implementation.

Ensure establishment of response information management system to meet response needs:
The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the Information Management team undertake the following activities:
Assess programmatic information needs of internal and external stakeholders.
Design and maintain information management system with Information and Communication Technology.
Contextualise protocols for internal information sharing with relevant functions.
Agree on common information sharing protocols with external stakeholders and RD.
Ensure compilation and analysis of relevant information to inform response design, programme management, operational improvement and promote learning.
Share programme information with internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis to meet their information requirements.
Oversee development and implementation of community consultation and information provision mechanisms:
The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the HA team undertake the following activities:
Design and implement community consultation processes to ensure understanding of World Visions role, planned interventions and provide opportunities for input and feedback into programme and project designs.
Design and implement Information Provision plan to ensure that accurate and reliable information about the programme is made available and shared with communities in a timely and accessible manner.

Establish and support implementation of complaint and feedback mechanisms:

The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the HA team undertake the following activities:
Document, implement and monitor complaint and feedback systems to ensure timely responses to communities.
Consolidate and analyse community complaint information to inform Operations and response management of key issues raised by beneficiaries.
Coordinate Humanitarian Accountability planning and learning with other accountability focused INGOs and LNGOs.


A minimum of 3-5 years in leadership role in the humanitarian assistance and development sector, with a significant portion of this in INGOs.
5 years experience in humanitarian assistance work.
Demonstrated understanding of key humanitarian principles, standards and best practices.
University degree in Humanitarian Studies or relevant field. Masters degree preferred.
Experience in program management and implementation of multi-sectoral emergency response projects.
Intensive experience in leading a multi-cultural team of professionals.
Experience working in a cross-cultural environment.
Experience working in war zones / fragile contexts.
Experience in engaging with governmental institutions and multilateral agencies.
Experience in managing humanitarian operations that facilitate innovation and calculated risk taking.
Work experience as Program Officer at least for 1-3 years in a country other than the home country.

Strong team leadership skills.
Emotional Intelligence (self awareness, managing emotions and those of others, remaining calm/composed, dealing with ambiguity and change).
Understand Humanitarian Industry and have proven experience within a relief setting.
Effective in written and verbal communication in English.
Ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively with senior internal and external stakeholders.

Previous experience working in complex emergency/rehabilitation settings.
Experience coordination with INGOs and other key stakeholders-High degree of negotiation and persuasion skills.
Ability to work with a reasonable level of comfort in high tension and high security risk situations.
Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts psychologically stressful environs and physical hardships.
Ability to facilitate the creation of cross-functional project teams and the development of national strategies.
Excellent time-management and prioritization.
Demonstrates openness and transparency.

Work Environment/Travel:
Work hours are often more than 8 hours per day during difficult periods of the response.Work hours are often more than 8 hours per day during difficult periods of the response.
Responses are often mounted in insecure or natural disaster-prone contexts, which may disrupt normal work patterns and generate staff safety issues.
Work and housing environments may at times be well below normal standards in terms of facilities, equipment and food availability.

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