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Advisor, HIV in Humanitarian Response

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Serving Communities and Countries to End Inequalities and AIDS

We, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, lead the global effort to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. By placing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to reduction of inequalities at the heart of our work, we lead the global response to AIDS by:
(i) maximizing equitable and equal access to HIV services,
(ii) breaking down barriers to achieving HIV outcomes, and
(iii) integrating efficient HIV responses into wider health and protection systems.

We are committed to creating an equal, safe and empowering workplace culture where all people in all their diversity thrive. We live our values of Commitment to the AIDS Response, Integrity and Respect for Diversity.

The Global Science, Systems and Services Practice has the goal of promoting, and accelerating sustainable, transformative actions and equitable, innovative solutions that maximize access to HIV services and sustain efficient HIV responses integrated into national systems for health, social protection, humanitarian settings and pandemic responses. It achieves these by:
1) using innovation for prevention, treatment and pediatrics, which covers the HIV treatment-prevention continuum and focuses on reaching the 95-95-95 target, 95% combination prevention targets and leaving no one behind;
2) forging productive partnerships with key global AIDS financing partners to ensure national leadership and ownership of AIDS response and maximization of investments, thus building the pathways for sustainability; and
3) integrating multisectoral approaches to HIV and health, and ensuring that community-led responses form part of national health systems and beyond.

Main tasks and Responsibilities of the Position:
Reporting to the Director, Science, Systems and Services for all, the Advisor, HIV in Humanitarian Response provides global level support in integrating HIV in humanitarian response by identifying and addressing gaps and programme implementation challenges.

He / she has the following key responsibilities:

1. Humanitarian response and emergency preparedness
- Works with relevant clusters/sectors, and acts as a focal point for connecting key partners and relevant actors (including UNAIDS co-sponsors) in the HIV and humanitarian response with a special focus on country level support
- Contributes and supports disaster assessments or other humanitarian missions including preparation and dissemination of situation reports; builds synergies across HIV and humanitarian programming, with emphasis on internally displaced and conflict affected non-displaced populations with a focus on priority countries.
- Generates evidence on HIV in humanitarian settings including risks, vulnerabilities and effectiveness. In collaboration with United Nations humanitarian agencies, contributes to reports and ensures that HIV risks, vulnerabilities and responses in humanitarian action are adequately reflected. This includes regular and ad hoc global or thematic reports prepared by UNAIDS, the UN system or externally.
- Strengthens the capacity of Joint Teams in preparing and responding to emergencies.
- Conducts sensitization activities on community-led responses including for key populations in humanitarian settings and how to sustain inclusion of affected communities in all their diversity.
- Advocates for HIV-inclusive emergency preparedness in national plans, assessments and humanitarian appeals in priority countries.
- Dedicates approximately 30% of time to the WCA region, in line with UNAIDS (and regional co-sponsors) priority areas, taking into account the complex humanitarian and unstable situation, working with key governmental partners and relevant civil society organizations.

2. Policies, guidelines and tools development
- Assists in developing new or updates to existing guidelines and tools relevant to maintaining HIV services and address HIV risks and vulnerabilities in humanitarian settings.
- Develops improved assessment and monitoring tools relating to HIV in humanitarian settings including for availability and coverage of key services.
- In conjunction with the UNAIDS Secretariat and partners and as directed, liaises with governments, donors and partners on policies, strategies and approaches to better address HIV in humanitarian and emergency environments.

3. Contribution to corporate processes and representation
- Manages a collection of country experiences and good practice in HIV in emergencies. Moderates communities of practice related to HIV in humanitarian settings. Populates and maintains all relevant corporate and external databases and other knowledge management sources up to date.
Contributes to resource mobilization strategies and activities.
Represents UNAIDS at HIV in humanitarian settings-relevant, especially global fora.

Performs other duties as required, when requested by the hiring entities (WFP, UNHCR and UNAIDS secretariat).

- Advanced university degree at Masters' level in medicine, infectious deceases, public health, international relations, public policy, political science, engineering, or another area related to the duties and responsibilities.
For internal candidates a first university degree and 9 years of experience will be considered as equivalent.

UNAIDS Values:
1. Commitment to the AIDS response
2. Integrity
3. Respect for diversity

Core competencies:
1. Working in teams
2. Communicating with impact
3. Applying expertise
4. Delivering results

Managerial competencies:
1. Vision and strategic thinking
2. Leading Teams
3. Building Relationships and Networks
4. Developing and Empowering Others
5. Managing Performance and Resources
6. Exercising Sound Judgement

- At least 7 years of experience in: programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation related to HIV, sexual and reproductive health, and/or humanitarian affairs, emergency preparedness, crisis/emergency relief management, and/or gender-based violence, community-led responses, food security. Extensive international experience in humanitarian and/or fragile contexts including in at least two different regions at regional/country level.

- Familiarity with humanitarian coordination mechanisms. Familiarity with global HIV/AIDS response. Familiarity with the humanitarian context in WCA.

- Essential: Proficiency in both English and French.

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