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Customer Support Manager
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Customer Support Manager

Salaire xxx/ mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 27 Septembre 2020
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Customer Support Manager
Job ID: 3128

Are you the best technical support agent in your organization, and want to maximize the impact of your knowledge and experience? Do you love helping other support agents deliver exceptional customer experiences? Are you a technical expert who loves analyzing a problem and optimizing the solution?

Our managers don’t have a laundry list of processes to follow and tasks to execute. The focus of your day is to read the tickets that agents are solving, identify quality problems, and deliver advice to drive continuous improvement in the team.

What you will be doing:
• Using your customer service experience, generate insights to guide our front-line support, and your software development expertise to critically evaluate the work of second-level agents.
• Expanding your knowledge across an array of technologies. Our team supports 100 unique enterprise software products with everything from mobile app development platforms to database load-balancers.

What you will NOT be doing:
• Project management or task assignment - We have sophisticated algorithms and automation to handle this.
• Stagnating at your current level of technical proficiency - Deep diving into technical details within tickets gives you daily challenges to expand your knowledge.
• Spending all day in meetings or writing reports - The primary goal of the role is to improve the quality of agents' work.

Key Responsibilities:
• Identifying and prioritizing the most important quality problems in support tickets, and then developing clear and simple coaching to fix these quality problems.
• Leveraging technical acumen to understand why troubleshooting and solutions within tickets are suboptimal.
• Writing clear and concise coaching advice to improve the ticket quality of agents. These written coaching documents are how you multiply the impact of your knowledge and experience.

Candidate Requirements:
• 2+ years of experience as a software developer. You won't be programming in this role, but you will need to understand code, scripts, database queries, and dense log files while reading tickets.
• 2+ years of experience as a customer-facing support agent. You must exemplify a customer-focused approach to ticket handling when coaching agents to provide a great experience.
• Experience providing constructive and sometimes critical feedback.
• Fluent English and the ability to write clearly and concisely.

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