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Directeur de la Solution Digitale Mano River

Référence 142016
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 11 Juin 2023
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Informatique, Télécoms, Réseaux
Industrie Informatique, Télécoms, Téléservices
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Role purpose
The Digital Solution Manager will be responsible for finding innovative solutions to drive excellence in management of operations functions in the Mano River Cluster through engagement across a variety of platforms, models, and user access points. The job holder is expected to identify operations issues and propose technology driven solutions to address them across the three countries of the Mano-River cluster. Part of the role also includes strategic vision and rationale, definition of requirement and cross-functional execution of digital solution initiatives.

Dimensions of the Role
This role will work with Country Offices of Senegal, Guinea and Guinea Bissau liaising with both the leadership of those countries but also with IT Managers and key heads of operations and programme departments. Key roles and responsibilities of the role will include the following:

• Develop applications that support operations and programme departments’ timely & quality delivery while also contributing to strengthening Knowledge Management requirements;
• Lead on the digitalization of operational work processes across Plan International Senegal, Guinea and Guinea Bissau.
• Provide high quality support to implementation of projects and programmes
• Use IT solutions to address key issues facing project and operations departments (ICT for development)
• Work with functional leads to develop solutions that optimizes their work by adding value to it.

• Develop applications that support operations and programme departments’ timely & quality delivery while also contributing to strengthening Knowledge Management requirements
• Consult with operations and programme departments managers to identify issues facing them;
• Design bespoke applications that contribute to addressing identified issues and ensure their proper understanding by user and their smooth implementation;
• Offer timely technical support that address in a sustainable way any issues likely to hamper proper use of the applications.
• Provide training to users of such platforms;
• Put in place a proactive feedback mechanism with clear understanding of role and responsibility from all stakeholders.
• Lead on the digitalization of operational work processes across Plan International Senegal, Guinea and Guinea Bissau
• Work with Admin & Logistics, Finance, IT and HR managers of the MRC to identify work processes related to each of them;
• Assess existing digitalization solutions in each of the MRC countries and feedback the technical leads on what improvement is needed;
• Promote good digitalization practices inside the cluster creating a platform of healthy exchange within thematic areas inside the cluster (for example among IT Managers, Admin. & Supply Chain Managers, etc.)
• Support the local IT Manager to ensure digitalization of key work processes;
• Advise management of the MRC to opt for the best solutions for digitalization

• Use innovative technologies to ensure data security throughout the cluster and alert MRC leadership of any hazard;
• Maintain a risk register for the implementation of the digitalization and ensure remedial actions are identified and monitored to keep the level of risk minimal within the cluster.
• Provide high quality support to implementation of projects and programmes
• Liaise with Head or Programme and Influencing of the three countries to identify areas where any digital solutions might be needed;
• Periodically check the Y.O.D.A. platform and guide teams as to how they can best meet the requirements pertaining to those system;
• Assess existing digital solutions in programme related areas and explore ways and means to improving them and where necessary develop new more performant digital solutions.
• Use IT solutions to address key issues facing project and operations departments (ICT for development)
• Provide clear and strategic thought leadership on technical service support, including website design, analysis and reporting on platform issues and communication of rules
• Directly resolve customer support problems or other bugs through front-end web development and content management
Identify and define platform-based business opportunities in collaboration with all departments and levels within the Cluster.

• Drive projects from conceptualization to completion.
• Partner with programme and Operations teams to ensure that product deployments are performed in accordance with client expectations and content distribution rights, understanding legal context and contractual commitments.
• Stimulate digital innovation in the cluster – this includes supporting Cluster COs to identify problem areas for exploration, through to ideas that are ready to be prototyped or piloted in support to fulfilling Plan WACA’s ambition and Plan’s global strategy;
• Provide coaching and guidance to programming and influencing Project Leads leading new digital innovation projects in Mano River Cluster;
• Support digital innovation projects with design skills – including conducting design research and the development of rapid prototypes
• With support of the Digital and Innovation team, increase engagement in digital – creating an enabling environment in the country offices.
• Use the Principles for Digital Development endorsed by Plan in 2018 to successfully integrate technology into their programming and influencing work

Key relationships
• Works closely with and reports to the MRC Head Of Operations
• Liaises with the operations and programme functional leads (Programme Support Managers, M&E Managers, Administration &
• Supply Chain Managers, Finance Managers, HROD Managers, IT Managers to understand existing mechanism and agree on improvements needed;
• Works with Country Leadership Teams of the MRC to whom (s)he provides advisors on issues needing their attention.

Technical expertise, skills and knowledge
• 5+ years’ experience as a technical support specialist or similar customer support role for digital products.
• Excellent organizational and prioritization skills, with some project management experience.
• A basic understanding of HTML, content management systems, and Google properties, including Google Drive and Google Sheets.
• Experience working closely and collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, matched with the ability to tell a story with the data.
• Self-motivation and ability to stay focused in the middle of distraction.
• Ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects in a highly-matrixed environment.
• Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to effectively liaise with colleagues on all levels in a distributed, multicultural, detail-oriented environment.
• Ability to communicate and coordinate work effectively with stakeholders and colleagues who hold various priorities.
• Resiliency in the face of multiple challenges and blockers.
• Flexibility in applying standard technology practices to addressing program as well as operations challenges.
• Exceptional customer service skills.
• Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communications skills.
• Exceptional attention to detail while able to multitask.

• Experience converting business ideas and research into thoughtful and timely product initiatives with an emphasis on revenue and performance
• Passion for developing and delivering high quality, content-driven experiences for users
• Tech-savvy with a strong conceptual understanding of digital technologies; knowledge of relevant trends that could impact the organization’s business short-term and long-term
• Excellent track record identifying product opportunities
• Ability to deal with ambiguity and adapt to fast changing business conditions
• Ensures that Plan International’s global policies for Child Protection (CPP) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI) are fully embedded in accordance with the principles and requirements of the policy including relevant Implementation Standards and
• Guidelines as applicable to their area of responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring staff and associates are aware of and understand their responsibilities under these policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), their relevance to their area of work, and that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.

Plan International’s Values in Practice
We are open and accountable
• Promotes a culture of openness and transparency, including with sponsors and donors.
• Holds self and others accountable to achieve the highest standards of integrity.
• Consistent and fair in the treatment of people.
• Open about mistakes and keen to learn from them.
• Accountable for ensuring we are a safe organisation for all children, girls & young people

We strive for lasting impact
• Articulates a clear purpose for staff and sets high expectations.
• Creates a climate of continuous improvement, open to challenge and new ideas.
• Focuses resources to drive change and maximise long-term impact, responsive to changed priorities or crises.
• Evidence-based and evaluates effectiveness.

We work well together
• Seeks constructive outcomes, listens to others, willing to compromise when appropriate.
• Builds constructive relationships across Plan International to support our shared goals.
• Develops trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships with funders, partners and communities.
• Engages and works well with others outside the organization to build a better world for girls and all children.

We are inclusive and empowering
• We empower our staff to give their best and develop their potential
• We respect all people, appreciate differences and challenge equality in our programs and our workplace
• We support children, girls and young people to increase their confidence and to change their own lives.

Physical Environment
Typical office environment but may be expected to travel to countries of the Mano River Cluster to provide technical support.
Level of contact with children
The job responsibilities of this position does not require contact with children

How to apply
To apply, please click on apply and send your application accompanied by:
• An understandable cover letter
• A clear and understandable CV including the contact of two reference persons, one of whom must be your current employer.
Location: Mano River (Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry)

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