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UN Mali Mission Equipment Payload (MEP) Technician

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Expiration 25 Octobre 2021
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UN Mali Mission Equipment Payload (MEP) Technician:

Position Summary
Serve as a Mission Equipment Payload (MEP) Technician supporting a 24/7 maintenance effort of Primary Mission Equipment (PME) and ensure continuous Mission Operations.
The Mission of the Primary Mission Equipment (PME) Maintenance Section is to provide the necessary and required 24/7 PME maintenance support to sustain 100% Fully Mission Capable (FMC) status and mission readiness to support ISR operations on the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). Play a vital role in the daily operations of ISR platforms and ensure proper documentation of all aircraft Primary Mission Equipment (PME) maintenance and changes of all hardware, software and version changes.
Responsible for ensuring 100% technical and troubleshooting support availability for ISR platforms conducting Mission Operations while airborne or grounded.
Will require being deployable to remote locations worldwide and in possible hostile environments.
Responsible for ensuring adherence to all MAG and Program specific policies.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Duties include, but not limited to:
- Perform aircraft and back-shop troubleshooting of systems and components, testing and repair activities such as soldering, cable making and termination, electrical and RF measuring and testing, print reading, and perform calibrations, integrations, and modifications as required.
- Perform consumable & parts inventories, ordering and organizing parts and equipment, maintaining digital inventories, and any other activity required to fully support the MEP maintenance activity and the program.
- Perform identification and processing of tools and equipment that may be defective and/or required to better support the MEP maintenance activity.
- Support logistical inventories, support site moves, facilities, installations, and troubleshooting of program operational equipment.
- Support aircraft maintenance personnel (as required by Phase maintenance) on the removal and installation of MEP components to include antennas, radome and surfboard, pod removal, racks, sensor systems, etc. when removal and re-installation of any MEP components as required to facilitate other maintenance.
- Conduct Mission System Pre-flight operational checks as required to confirm proper system functionality and update/load all required encryption.
- Monitor flight times, missions and system issues, MEP database, and personnel for any issues to ensure the shift maintenance events are running accurately and proficiently.
- Check for and remove all Foreign Object Debris (FOD) when working in or around the aircraft and on flight line.
- Expected and encouraged to be proactive in seeking and learning all platform’s and systems to increase and maintain work proficiency.
- Perform in accordance and in compliance with all safety, ethical, technical, administrative, and operational guidelines, instructions, regulations, requirements, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and any other directive or instruction, in writing or verbal form from MAG and Program Management.

Minimum Requirements
Knowledge and Skills

The required skills and knowledge include:
- Must be experienced and proficient with use of troubleshooting equipment to include, but not limited to: Multi-Meters, Digital Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Frequency Synthesizers, Power Generators.
- Possess fundamental skills of troubleshooting processes and procedures to include: Ability to read wiring diagrams, path flows, check-list and procedures.
- Experience with use of troubleshooting equipment to include, but not limited to: Multi-Meters, Digital Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Frequency Synthesizers, Power Generators.
- Possess basic knowledge of networking fundamentals, Microsoft Office Suite and Windows Operating Systems.
- Experience with the installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of communications equipment, electronics equipment, as appropriate for the task.
- Be proficient in technical communications and the English language to allow proper communications while troubleshooting, supporting and operating.
- Ability to properly use Radio Communications for mission support and possess basic knowledge of military terminology.

The minimum level of education required is:
High school diploma

Desired Requirements
The desired skills, knowledge, and education include:
AA Degree in related discipline or at least 5 years of experience is preferred.

Other Qualifications

Outside of the above, other certifications, licenses, or clearances include:
- Must be able to successfully complete position specific Basic Course.
- Must be able to complete a Background Check

Physical Demands:
- This job will require lifting of moderate to heavy objects and will require working in some awkward to tight spaces. Two-man lifts will be required for some equipment and/or sensors.
- Work will be conducted in hot and cold environments while working 12 hour shifts, up to 7 days a week with no days off.
- Must successfully complete a deployment physical examination including immunizations.
- Must have willingness/ability to stay on duty at extended periods of time, as mission dictates.

Duty Environment:
- Be willing to work in hardship and hazardous locations.
- Candidate should expect to be hired on a probationary period for the duration of his/her first OCONUS rotation.
- Willing to share billeting accommodations with multiple members.
- Must adhere to all United Nations and company regulations as applicable.

- 60% or more during the course of the year.
- Must maintain a flexible travel schedule.
- Travel which may include austere environments.
- Be willing to travel for long periods of time, work long hours and / or non-regular hours with minimal notice.

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