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Global Safeguarding (PSEAH) Advisor

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Global Safeguarding (PSEAH) Advisor
Do you want to participate in building accountability across a global organization and help to support people affected by crisis and displacement? We are looking for a Global Safeguarding Protection against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) Advisor.

Who are we?

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a leading, international humanitarian displacement organization, supporting refugees and internally displaced persons during displacement, in exile, when settling and integrating in a new place or upon return. We provide protection and life-saving humanitarian assistance. We support displaced persons in becoming self-reliant and included into hosting societies - and we work with communities, civil society and responsible authorities to promote protection of rights and peaceful coexistence. DRC is working in more than 40 countries together with 8,000 colleagues worldwide.

The Safeguarding & Code of Conduct Unit is in charge of the maintenance of the Code of Conduct Reporting Mechanism (CoCRM) and the handling of all reports of suspected misconducts (RSMs) received in this frame, which notably includes internal investigations but also the development of all related policies, guidance, tools and trainings. The Safeguarding & Code of Conduct Unit is currently composed of four (4) persons from very varied backgrounds. All are certified as CHS trained PSEAH investigators.

About the job
The DRC’s work is guided by the values of Humanitarian Principles, Honesty & Transparency, Inclusion, Respect and Independence & Neutrality. It is essential that in all our work we uphold the highest standard of conduct and safeguarding standards for the communities where we work, our staff, interns, volunteers and contractors, partners, and other stakeholders. We have a duty of care to protect anyone who comes to contact with our work, particularly at-risk and marginalised communities.

The DRC has a Code of Conduct (CoC) since 2007, and a Code of Conduct Reporting Mechanism (CoCRM) since 2012. Together with the Policy Briefing on Sexual Misconduct, Safeguarding policies for adults and children and a Safeguarding throughout the Employment Cycle Policy, they form a cornerstone of DRC’s commitment to accountability and integrity.

In 2022, DRC created a PSEAH Task Force to strengthen DRC’s commitment to prevent and respond to PSEAH concerns. The post will report directly to the Head of Safeguarding and Code of Conduct in HQ, Copenhagen. Technical guidance and direction will be provided by the PSEAH Task Force, of which the Head of Safeguarding and Code of Conduct is a member. The post will not engage in Code of Conduct investigations.

DRC’s global Safeguarding (PSEAH) Advisor will lead efforts to enhance safeguarding and PSEAH practices, develop innovative models to address SEAH, undertake capacity building efforts to address and reduce the risk of SEA and strengthen collective efforts in the humanitarian system to respond to SEA in a survivor-centered manner. The Global Safeguarding PSEAH Advisor will promote a culture of a zero tolerance to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and support DRC’s work on safeguarding and safe programming. They will support the development and roll-out of DRC’s PSEAH strategy, policy, tools and standards across the organisation, and will work with DRC operations to improve DRC’s PSEAH practices and ensure implementation of DRC’s PSEAH commitments.

The Global Safeguarding PSEAH Advisor will provide technical support to DRC operations on engaging communities, partners and staff on the promotion of PSEAH prevention, reporting and response; and will contribute to the development, promotion and roll-out of PSEAH trainings, awareness raising materials, and ensure global oversight of PSEAH activities. They will support DRC’s different divisions’ efforts in ensuring complainants/survivors are listened to, supported and protected from further harm prioritising a survivor-centered approach at all times. They will also represent DRC at relevant external fora on PSEAH and where possible, contribute to collective efforts to advance PSEAH efforts within the humanitarian community.

Your main responsibilities will be:

Strategic Responsibilities
• Provide strategic leadership and guidance to management on PSEAH issues, including how to commit to and develop an organisational culture and safer working environment free from sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and sexual harassment
In collaboration with different divisions in HQ, DRC’s global PSEAH Task Force and international operations, lead the development of DRC’s PSEAH global policy, tools and procedures
• Manage the establishment of DRC’s global PSEAH strategy including overseeing of standards and implementation and monitoring plans that outline DRC’s commitments and priorities on PSEAH
• In collaboration with DRC’s global PSEAH Task Force, provide support and/or leadership on the development, implementation and monitoring of DRC’s PSEAH Commitment Plan
Engage in different PSEAH networks, fora and communities of practice for: learning and sharing innovative models, best practices and strengthening sector-wide standards on PSEAH

Technical Support
• Provide support to Country Offices (CO) and Regional Offices (RO) in their activities within DRC and with implementing partners in engaging communities and affected populations and staff on promoting contextualised, appropriate, and accessible PSEAH awareness, prevention, reporting, responses and protection tools and systems
• Provide guidance to CO/RO on safe programming and support them in ensuring PSEAH risk assessments and mitigations are included in programme design, implementation and monitoring
• Engage with different divisions and colleagues at HQ, Representations, Regional and Country Offices to produce guidance notes for communication with donors, improve proactive adherence to donor requirements and provide technical input for funding proposals
• Provide guidance and support to HR and Support divisions on accounting for PSEAH in contracts and agreements in accordance with DRC’s policies
• Coordinate with other DRC divisions (such as HR, CoC, protection) working on safeguarding, child safeguarding and GBV issues to ensure that procedures and policies for prevention and response are complementary and coherent
• Coordinate with DRC’s Global MEAL unit to support the development of a monitoring and evaluation framework to assess CO/RO PSEAH activities; and support with the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) certification to improve compliance on PSEAH matters through engagement with DRC’s Global CHS Steering Committee
• Advise on DRC’s localisation ambition (Go Local as part of the 2025 Strategy) and related PSEAH policies, tools, and risk management to operationalise this strategic objective
• Communication, Training and Reporting

In collaboration with divisions in HQ, ensure adequate and consistent communication of PSEAH policy and accompanying procedures and tools, and enhance the accessibility of different stakeholders to DRC’s code of conduct reporting mechanism (CoCRM)
Contribute to the production of internal and external reports and provide periodic updates to Executive Management Team (EMT) on DRC’s PSEAH activities
Lead and manage a DRC global PSEAH network to support COs/ROs in implementing the PSEAH Policy and survivor-centred approach
In collaboration with divisions at HQ, develop and facilitate PSEAH in-house trainings, communication materials, webinars, onboarding materials, etc. tailored for different audiences and stakeholders
About you

To be successful in this role we expect you to:
• Hold a Master’s Degree in social science, human resources law, criminal law, human rights, gender or gender-based violence, international affairs.
• Demonstrate high level of experience with PSEAH in a large, global organization, influencing senior-level management and key stakeholders effectively across the organization and within complex contexts.
• Demonstrate experience in Safeguarding and PSEAH standards, including applying a survivor-centered approach in relating with survivors of SH and SEA and in handling SEA and SH allegations, and an understanding of the international context in which this issue impacts DRC
• Demonstrate experience in developing and delivering successful training sessions, facilitating meetings
• Be committed to upholding and modelling DRC’s values and Code of Conduct as well as the Core Humanitarian Standard.
• Be able to work professionally and with a high degree of integrity and confidentiality at all times.
• Have highly developed critical analysis and reasoning skills.
• Have interpersonal and intercultural skills and a strong ability to collaborate, build rapport, trust and network.
• Being fluent English is mandatory and a high proficiency in French is preferred.
• Additional good oral and written communication skills in Spanish or Arabic is an advantage
• Strong computer skills, facility with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Teams, OneDrive and email software

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