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Project Overview :
The New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) Expanding Health Partnerships—NPI EXPAND Project— is a five-year, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) funded project which aims to support Missions with increasing the availability and utilization of quality health services across all USAID priority health areas.

In alignment with its commitment to sustainability, USAID is committed to expanding its range of implementing partners by investing in new and underutilized local partners (NUPs) and strengthening their capacity to strategize, plan, and implement health sector programs with USAID funds. Enhanced participation of capable local partners to increase demand for and deliver high-quality, high impact health services will enable governments to meet crucial health goals equitably and sustainably. NPI EXPAND will catalyse opportunities to scale up innovative interventions by strengthening the capacity of NUPs with varying levels of capabilities and exposure to USAID through a subaward/Grants management program.

NPI EXPAND Senegal Activities :
The goal of the NPI EXPAND activity in Senegal is to increase access to quality priority products and services including family planning (FP) and maternal, newborn, and child health products and services and to increase the commitment of individuals and communities in the management of their health services.

NPI EXPAND will achieve these goals by meeting the following objectives:
Strengthen the sustainability and organizational capacity of key NGOs to successfully manage social marketing and health advocacy programs as prime recipients of USAID funding.
Increase utilization of priority health products and services including socially marketed contraceptives and FP services, water treatment products and mosquito nets.
Increased adoption of innovative health practices, increased adoption of innovative technologies by the health sector, and scaling of underused health innovations.
Reporting and Supervision

This position will report on a day-to-day basis to the Senegal Country Team Lead, with indirect reporting to the NPI EXPAND MERL Manager in Washington, DC.

Position :
Overview :
The MEL Specialist is responsible for the direction and development of programme monitoring at Palladium/NPI EXPAND in Senegal and delivering high standards of monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting on project and programme results across the Senegal country portfolio. This includes developing, learning and delivering robust data, processes, analysis, presentation and learning to demonstrate the impact of our work. The postholder will work in close collaboration with the Head of Team and the HQ MERL Manager to develop and deliver NPI EXPAND’s global MEL strategy.

His/her mandate is to improve the quality of programmes and projects through ensuring quality of partners proposals, providing support to the team to deliver effective and relevant MEL frameworks and processes. She/He will ensure effective monitoring systems, tools and practices to determine a project or programme’s progress, challenges and achievements against internal and external targets and quality standards. She/He will identify and manage risks to delivery, working with internal teams to resolve or escalate issues.

In collaboration with the MERL Manager, she/he will support project evaluations, baseline and endline assessments, the development of MEL data tools for high level aggregation and reporting of outcomes to demonstrate programme effectiveness and impact. They will work in collaboration with MEL staff and Palladium’s research colleagues to disseminate evidence and key learnings that will contribute to knowledge management and improvement of future practice and program design.

Working closely with the MERL Manager for NPI EXPAND, the MEL Specialist will identify, test, review, implement and share MEL approaches, including disability data disaggregation, that are in line with our increasing portfolio in disability and social inclusion in order to continuously improve Palladium’ accountability to beneficiaries.

The postholder will support the co-ordination and collaboration and a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Duties And Responsibilities :
The NPI EXPAND Senegal MEL Specialist will be expected, but not limited, to:
Responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation processes and give recommendations to improve the quality of these processes.
Document achievement of project objectives and collect data for the MEL plan.
Verify the information reported in the Monitoring and Evaluation System through field actions and comparisons with other databases to conduct regular data quality assessments (DQA).
Analyze data from primary and secondary sources that may be useful in data verification for the DQA plan and reporting the achievement of project objectives.
Support in the development of tools required to carry out annual and baseline project evaluations.
Provide reports such as monthly, quarterly, annual, and others that are requested using the M&E System and other tools and office data sources if necessary.
According to the workplan, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the activities in each grant, the completion of the commitments, and the conditions of the environment where the activities are developed.
Support technical leads of grantees to ensure MEL obligations are fully satisfied on time and collaborate on the development of MEL reporting in all required forms.
Review and advise on quality of deliverables submitted by grantees and ensure program compliance with local and USAID regulations.
Implement regular monitoring activities of grantees in line with MEL plan of the project.
Co-develop (with CSOs) remote workshops/knowledge dissemination events to share experiences/successes and address challenges that may arise among local implementers.
Ensure that USAID Senegal data reporting requirements are met on time and with good quality.
Ensure that all capacity strengthening events are captured and entered into the Capacity Strengthening Activity tracker.
In collaboration with the MEL team at HQ, research colleagues and Senegal Country Office, design innovative and participatory monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools to assess outcomes and impact of programmes.
Remain up to date on best practice and emerging innovations in the international MEL field.
Contribute to a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
Support the Country Team Lead to implement and evaluate pilot approaches for the benefit of organizational learning, for example, testing ways to improve accountability of beneficiaries.
Assist with other functions as assigned.

Period of Performance :
The period of performance is one year, with the possibility for a one-year extension based on performance and funding availability. The MEL Specialist position will be based in Dakar, Senegal. Only Senegal nationals, or those with permanent residency and the right to work in Senegal, that are currently residing in Senegal, will be considered for this position.

Qualifications And Experience :
Bachelor’s degree in public health, health communications, international development, social sciences or related field, Master’s degree preferred.
Strong experience in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data in the public health sector, as well as in international standards and indicators for reporting the performance of public and private programs.
Strong experience working as a monitoring and evaluation specialist for health and/or international development projects, preference for USAID-funded projects.
Strong project management, organizational, and interpersonal skills required.
Outstanding organizational and planning abilities.
Demonstrated problem solving, analytic, and evaluative skills.
Attention to detail, ability to effectively perform multiple tasks, and balance competing priorities.
Ability to take initiative and/or respond independently to situations.
Knowledge of USAID reporting system (DIS)Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate and build alliances internally and externally.
Ability to present complex information to diverse audiences. Clear and effective writing and oral communication skills, including significant experience with report development and delivering oral presentations.
Fluency in spoken and written English and French.
Computer literacy, particularly in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Statistical Packages like SPSS, STATA and management of large data bases through data collection tools like ODK, Kobo Toolbox, Survey 123.

Instructions for the applicant :
If you are interested, please submit your CV with a cover letter no later than August 22nd, 2022.

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