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Supply Chain Specialist

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Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 13 Décembre 2023
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Achat, Supply Chain, Logistique, Transport
Transport, Logistique, Services postaux
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Job Description
Location : Dakar and other remote locations
Purpose of the position
To effectively manage the Supply Chain function in line with World Vision’s procedures in order to support timely implementation of World Vision Programs/Projects that will have the greatest impact on process improvement, simplification, standardization and cost containment thus ensuring the achievement of the Child Well Being Outcomes.

Key responsabilities
Business Requirements
• Participate in developing Functional Strategy through understanding and capturing stakeholders’ needs.
• Translate the strategy into Annual Business Plans with the guidance of Manager.

• Establish and communicate priorities based on customer needs. Contribute to cross-functional planning activities.
• Engage with Partners / Sub-Grantees in procurement planning process.
• Advise on, and participate in development of consolidated procurement plan and sourcing strategy
• Develop sources of competitive advantage to ensure that the supply chain management function supports the achievement of the organization’s source of competitive advantage.
• Advise on the Country planning process guidelines to communicate with the Operations Teams

Strategic Sourcing
• Execute the Market Assessment and Supplier Pre-Qualification process as per the set guidelines and supervise Assessments at Zonal / Filed level.
• Manage the RFQ/RFP Process including baselines & price survey methodologies as per the approved framework and supervise the process at Zonal / Field Offices.
• Lead negotiations for the assigned Categories and guide negotiation strategies for the categories assigned to Coordinators.
• Supervise the Sourcing events at Zonal / Filed Offices.
• Review / preparation Procurement Committee submission documents to ensure their comprehensiveness to allow an informed decision making process.
• Analyze and ensure that Partners’ / Sub-Grantees’ market assessment process, supplier pre-qualification process, RFQ/P and evaluation process, meets WV / Donor requirements, and capture any gaps identified in the capacity development plans / exemption approvals.
• Facilitate Purchasing Committee meetings and ensure that proper documentation is maintained.

Supplier Contract and Relationship Management
• Draft supplier contracts for those categories where the vetted global standard contract format is not applicable, and reviews supplier recommended changes.
• Ensure that contractual conditions and performance indicators are understood by the suppliers.
• Monitor and complete contract close-out, extension or renewal, as appropriate for the assigned commodities.
• Identify & resolve or escalate contract-related issues both internally and externally, and propose improvements to the contracting process.
• Develop supplier Key Performance Indicators based on guidelines / category and monitoring process.

Procurement Execution
• Receive incoming Purchase Requisitions (Pending Buyer Action), verify specifications are clear, conduct sourcing event if required items are not already on contract, update the PR with actual supplier record and release PR for approval.
• Follow Procurement Polices and guidelines in Supplier Award decisions under the applicable threshold.
• Manage PO Change requests coordinating with Requesters, Budget Owners and Suppliers

Data Management, Analysis and Reporting
• Monitor performance of key indicators, conduct root cause analysis of low performing areas and develop plans to improve those indicators
• Conduct cost price analysis to formulate negotiation plans.
• Analyze industry trends and market competitions to develop business improvement initiatives.

Process, Procedure and Policy
• Socialize and implement the approved policies (including exemptions approved), processes and guidelines.
• Conduct regularly reviews of procurement policies, processes and guidelines to measure their effectiveness and applicability, including customer satisfaction and report to NO Management.
• Advise National Offices on how to manage and maintain Logistics Tool & Dashboard for metric visibility in supply chain channels and timely communication with clients
• Review with Partners / Sub-Grantees, their SCM Policies, procedures and etc. to identify any gaps, document them under assessment reports, and capture under capacity building plans.
Systems Development and Implementation
• Prepare reports for management.
• Prepare general and detailed guidelines for the required systems

Control and Compliance
• Develop risk identification & assessment tools, registers and other tools and assess SCM related risks.
• Develop proper filing and record keeping process for supply chain activities and ensure procurement audit trail is always available.
• Monitor adherence to control measures and compliance with WV supply chain policies and guidelines.
• Escalate any form of breach of controls, frauds, non-compliance, misappropriation of WV funds and assets related to SCM identified during the monitoring process.
• Implementation of agreed audit recommendations in the procurement process as per the guidance given by the HoD.
• Review Partners / Sub-Grantees, internal control system in the procurement process to identify any gaps, document them under assessment reports, and capture under capacity building plans.
• Periodically monitor the progress on implementation of recommendations and update the management of all parties.

Leadership and Coaching
• Manage the performance of direct reports through performance reviews, frequent conversations and other method as appropriate. Be courageous in providing coaching or feedback for continuous performance improvement
• Ensure that all Supply Chain staff members understand Procurement Policies, Processes, and Systems
• Plan and coordinate departmental meetings to review status of tasks and update Senior Management Team on the progress of the departments’ functions.
Training and Capacity Building
• Coordinate, participate in, and/or train staff from Supply Chain Staff and other WVI Departments on WVI Procurement Policies, Processes, and Systems
• Conduct Partners’ / Sub-Grantees’ capacity assessment and capacity building plans as per set framework / guidelines.
• Train the Partners / Sub-Grantees based on the approved capacity building plan, monitor progress. Coordinate with internal stakeholders in monitoring the progress and submit progress reports to the management.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:
• University degree in Business Administration, Procurement or similar degree, or equivalent professional qualification (intermediate CIPS)
• At least 3 years’ experience in Procurement or Supply Chain
• Demonstrated Supply Chain Management expertise/experience
• Ability to read and write in the official language and English

Work Environment
The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 20% of the time.

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