Programme Assistant, Online Volunteering
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Programme Assistant, Online Volunteering

Salaire xxx/ mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 20 Janvier 2021
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Description de l'offre

Programme Assistant, Online Volunteering
National Specialist

Host Entity : UNV
Country : Senegal
Duty Station : Dakar (SEN)
Language Skills :
Start Date : 01 February 2021
Duration : until 31 December 2021
Application Deadline : 20 January 2021

Eligibility criteria
Minimum age: 22 years old. Applicants must be nationals of or legal residents in the country of assignment.

Description of task
Under the supervision of the Regional Manager / ROWCA and technical guidance from UNV Online Volunteering Coordinator with the Volunteer Solutions Section, the national UN Volunteer will deliver excellent service to partners organizations, support the Online Volunteering service promotion to relevant organizations in the countries of the region, provide training and guidance to the UNV Field Units, assist users with regular day-to-day Online Volunteering activities primarily in French as well as support outreach and marketing activities to help grow the UNV Online Volunteering service.
He/she will also contribute to the development of corporate strategies and approaches to ensure high client and volunteer satisfaction, diversification of talent skills and expansion of online volunteering opportunities.

S/he will undertake the following tasks:

a. Provide support to the users of UNV’s Online Volunteering service focusing on achieving the following results:
• Respond to general tier 2 queries, including creating knowledge articles and updating of standard reply messages;
• Screen organizations’ applications for registration to the UNV platform, check due to diligence evidence for Civil Society Organisations, ensuring required information is complete, assessing compliance with established criteria, e.g. adherence to UN policies, verifying applicant organizations’ goals and activities through Internet research, and getting timely feedback from field teams;
• Assist with organization and volunteer feedback monitoring and take action as and when relevant;
• Screen online volunteering opportunities by organizations, ensuring compliance with the criteria, clear on-line volunteer opportunity and descriptions, context and expected development impact;
• Guide users on platform usage and contribute to building intuitive processes and systems features as well we problem solving;

b. Support the daily promotion of the Online Volunteering service in West African countries and focusing on:
• Promote online volunteering by contributing to networking efforts and building relationships with relevant organizations, organizing information meetings and workshops for target organizations and providing relevant information and assistance with focus on UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes;
• Promote services through identification of strategic entry points to large regional and local UN or other initiatives;
• Support UNV Field Units in planning and organizing series of on-site and online public events on promoting volunteer modalities of UNV among UN Agencies, NGOs, UN Volunteers and other target groups;
• Organize training sessions and transfer knowledge to UNV Programme Assistants in Field Units on the:
- organizations’ registration and accreditation criteria and process
OV service-delivery to organizations at country level
provision of support to Host Entities with developing OV opportunities
advocacy engagements and promoting the concept of OV service and its benefits

c. Support the refinement of the OV service in the new Unified Volunteer Platform (UVP) and new content for the website and other communication tools, including:
• Collect information, draft stories and other relevant materials for website or social media posting and knowledge sharing;
• Support development of marketing material to promote OV service offering;
• Provide inputs and suggestions in the development of OV service access and delivery in the UVP;
• Ensure monitoring and support reporting on OV opportunities, Online Volunteers assignments for the region; and volunteers and client’s satisfaction;
• Edit and translate documents related to user journey guidance and other online volunteering content into French.

Required degree level: Bachelor degree or equivalent

Education - Additional Comments:
• University degree in social sciences

Required experience: 60 Months

Experience remark:
• 5 years of Excellent written and spoken French language skills and solid working knowledge of English is required.

Language skills:
• French(Mandatory), Level - Fluent
• English(Mandatory), Level - Working Knowledge

Area of expertise: Volunteer programmes and volunteer management

Area of expertise details:
• Knowledge of volunteer management in a developing country context is a strong advantage.
• Knowledge of UN agencies and civil society organizations in West and Central Africa is highly desirable.
• Training experience and social media proficiency with the Microsoft office

Driving license: No

Competencies values:
Adaptability and Flexibility, Commitment to Continuous Learning, Planning and Organizing, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity, Working in Teams
This is a national UN Volunteer assignment, therefore only nationals of Senegal and legal residents in Senegal with a residency permit, the status of refugee or with the status of being stateless are eligible to apply. Don’t forget to tick the yes box for: “I am interested in serving as a volunteer in my own country.”

Application deadline : 20-01-2021

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